Agatha Christie

Best detective stories of Agatha Christie - Agatha Christie

  • The mystery of Hunter's Lodge 
  • The million dollar bond robbery 
  • The adventure of the Clapham cook 
  • Accident 
  • The Lernean Hydra 
  • The Stymphalian birds 
  • Tape-measure murder



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1 comment

#1  - Sindy said :

The best detective stories of Agatha Christie shows the author's tendencies. Contrived and very good writer formed an interesting and readable stories in a book. Moreover, the book contains seven entertaining collection of stories which deal with robberies or murders. I don't like to read books are written in English but it took my attention from the title so I observed that was my favorite kind of stories. I wish you read it because you will live in all events of the stories like you are there.


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