Ebooks are in format .PDF, .MOBI, .EPUB.

Return policy

All our ebooks are in high quality so we do not refund any ebook.


All our ebooks are auto-shipped. So you receive an auto-delivery into your email address 5min to 24H after purchasing. If for some reason you did not receive the link to download, please send us a request, then we will instantly resend you the link(s) of your ebook(s).


Ebooks are stored in our cloud from Mega.

How Mega Cloud is working?

You will need to activate javascript to download. Then select "Download through your Browser".

Safety's Cloud Storage solution (free) prioritizes safety and anonymity but you are not forced to open a account in order to download files. Links are encrypted (with the key included). If you do choose to open a account (free) you receive 50GB of storage to start with larger sizes available (paid).

How Mega Cloud is working?

One of the most beneficial advantages of signing up for a Mega account as it relates to our purposes is the Import to Mega Drive feature. When you open the link, click on "Import to Mega". That will cause all of the contents of link to be instantly imported into your Mega account and as such available to you from any internet connected device, anytime and anywhere.

Tool: a free reader

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